What is quite unique about the Networked iPDC is that we will be offering the same programmes, simultaneously & in parallel, in various nodes of the network, every month, in a way that will enable people in different (smaller) groups to meet & create synergies with students all over the network (the large group). 

All 15 day courses between the 10th & 25th of each month,
- or as the groups decide: each design together what works best for everyone during the preparation time
you have to be enrolled by the 15th of the previous month to participate (preparation online)

(for the 8 weekends option, see below in blue)

Each permaculture site (Project or 'node' of the network) will decide which months to run their programmes, and in which language, but some nodes will be running the course every month.   

For all courses and locations this is the monthly programme:

Programme Details

These refer to both the 15 days Intensive and the 8 Weekends versions of the iPDC, with differences in green & blue respectively:

15 days Intensives - These will be happening every month somewhere in the network starting on the 10th of the month (until the 25th)
8 Weekends  - These will be happening every two months somewhere in the network, starting on the first weekend of the month -  January, March, May, July, September, November


By 15th of the Month for courses running the following month
By the 2nd Weekend of the Month prior to course start date 

But you can also enroll in advance (up to a few months), if you wish book your place, to get to know us, and get used to the various online communications tools we use, with more time, and also if you would like to take some time to choose which course option is best for you.

During enrollments we'd like you to have individual skype calls with the tutors &/or the facilitator in order to start to get to know each other, explain the program in detail, help you choose a location, etc.

The Free MiniCourses

We recommend doing as many of the Free MiniCourses as you can in preparation to the iPDC, and you can start doing them before or after booking a place for the iPDC.   

The mini-courses are not a requirement, just a way of getting more 'juice' out of the iPDC when you do take it - you will start having already some flexibility around the new ideas.     

They also gain you discounts toward the cost of the iPDC: 10€ off for each mini-course you complete.   See the Discounts & Permis section in the Costs page for more on this.


After Enrollment

Preparation work  &  arrivals at the residential sites

From the 16th of the Month before 
on 3rd Weekend of the Month prior to course start date
(eg. 3rd weekend of December for course starting in January)

The preparation work includes:
  • getting to know the online environment
  • how to work with your online design portfolio (to work on and present your designs)
  • meeting your course companions (both the ones that will be taking the course at the same time and all the other students in our network, doing different stages of the same course or more advanced courses)
  • doing the basic physical induction of the site 
  • & tours of the host site & surroundings, etc.

Classes & Practicals

Classes, Discussions & Practicals

10 to 20th of the month  (some groups may choose different dates)
Weekends 1 to 6 - On Saturday & Sundays only, instead of every day

Mornings -  3h class including breaks and discussions 
+ on site activities *physical work*, lunch, rest, discussions
Afternoons -  3h class including breaks and discussions
on site activities *physical work*, dinner, rest, discussions
Evenings -  1h meet everyone dialogue and discussion, online, live with tutors and all other students (from other sites + those studying from home)

Design Practice

What have we learned?  Intensive Design Practicals

21 to 24th of the month (or as each group decides)
Weekends 7 & 8 (Saturday)
On site or at home, three full days of doing design work - with the online support of tutors & mentors, as well as local facilitators, as you prefer.  

Also helping each other with our designs & working on group designs like the final celebration event.

Breaks for site activities *physical work*, meals, rest, discussions, etc.

Celebration Day

Presentation of Designs & Certification Celebration

25th of the month (can be post-poned if a group decides to)
Weekend 8 (Sunday) 

  • Design presentations on site  - which can be filmed but also presented in own or collective design books & any other creative way people come up with for sharing with the 'wider world'.    
  • whatever local celebration people will have designed - to include presentation of the PDC Certificates
  • and a closing celebratory party on line to end all together

(Permis awarded for extra originality, fun quota, inclusion & multifunctionality of this Celebration event)