These are some of the wonderful people who have co-created this project & which are all part of your support group of permaculture colleagues from the moment you enroll on the course.  
You will get to know them during the course and will be able to stay in touch with them afterwards if you wish.   

They include the Global Facilitators (Stefania, César, Jose & Pepa) who designed the curriculum, teach the classes & have coordinated the Academy structure to date, and the Local Facilitators, who will be welcoming people in the various locations in the network and facilitating the day to day progress of the course. 

Stefania Strega Scoz


Tutor, Mentor & Coordinator

César Fernández



Jose Zamora


IT Support & Mentoring

Pepa Rodríguez

Support & Mentoring

Juan Fernández

La Semilla Viva (Granada,España)


Esther Guerrero



Rebecca Reiber



Maja Borkowska


La Palma
Canary Islands


Istvan Schmidt




Lou Dudley


United Kingdom


Stefania Strega Scoz

Main Tutor & Mentor + Coordinator
of the Networked iPDC & the Integral PermaCulture Academy
Permaculture Diploma in 1998
Languages: fluent Spanish, English, Italian & Design (which is a language :)

Coming up to half a century old now, Stefania was a scientist, youthworker & artist, then social activist, experienced community organizer & counselor long before she discovered permaculture, in 1992.  

But as soon as these rivers of experience came together she started doing permaculture in her home & neighbourhood, which later became the Green Adventure urban permaculture project (what we would call now a 'Transition Project'), all the while deepening her study & practical understanding* of Permaculture - both the design science and the movement.

GA, which she coordinated from 1995 to 1999, was awarded several national prizes during this time for its pioneering work in community regeneration - for carrying out good permaculture design in a very inclusive, creative & professionally managed way, combining an organic food box system with bycicle delivery, the local alternative currency, community orchards & a garden-swap system, later the regeneration of abandoned greenhouses & more local authority lands, and several youth & recycling projects.  

But especially empowering & educating people about sustainability, and proving that we can change our enviroment, together.

http://bit.ly/GreenAdventureRealizing that people don't "learn permaculture by seeing it or living it" - as she had hoped - Stef coordinated a new type of collectively taught PDC in 1998 with a parallel 'PeopleCare' course, which was a very early version of the Integral Permaculture curriculum.  
This course was very impactful and confirmed that we need more training & understanding in the 'invisible' parts of permaculture design if our projects are to work long-term.

In 1999 Stef took a sabbatical position in La Palma, in the Canary Islands, to help set up a new permaculture project there.  After working with many rural projects, learning to grow food on a larger scale and to speak spanish (a language she had always loved) she decided to stay on the Island & set up a 5 year action-research experiment in permaculture action-learning, in order to better understand how to support people in applying this crucial design science to the real world, much more effectively, especially for designing themselves much more coherent, ethical & satisfying lives.

During this time she also coordinated the setting up NodoEspiral 
starting in 2004, which later became the Integral Permaculture Academy, as well as the parallel development of the Integral Permaculture Curriculum together with César (see below) & other colleagues. 

making the mixture for the adobe bricks for an oven

From 2006 she has been
designing & building the infrastructure of what in 2011 became the 8thLife eco-village project, where she lives & continues living her passion for intensive integral permaculture design action-research & learning.

(PDCs with Steve Read in 1993, & with Andy Langford in 1995, further training in inclusive meetings technologies with Jane Hera, creative teaching PC course by Skye & Robyn Clayfield & diploma with mentors Judith Hannah & Simon Pratt, in 1998.    Later interviewed permaculture permaculture pioneers & teachers** extensively for a qualitative research project to collate the history of the network, with a view of improving the collective intelligence of our movement. Including the design of permaculture teaching, which most pioneers expressed a concern about. 
 ** Pioneers from various continents, 
like Margrit Kennedy, Tony Anderson, Caridad Cruz, Robyn Francis, Ali Sharif, Andy Langford, Declan Kennedy, Rosemary Morrow, Juan Rojas & Ronaldo Lec.

César Fernández

Tutor & Founder Member of the IP Academy
CoDesigner of the Integral Pemaculture curriculum

César took his PDC in 2005 with tutors Steve Charter, Lucho Iglesias & Matricia Lana, & later trained as a Group Facilitator with Jose Luis Escorihuela "Ulises" in 2006-7.

During this time he became a teacher then  curriculum designer & administrator of the Integral Permaculture Academy (then called NodoEspiral), and was instrumental in developing the much modernized & expanded Integral Permaculture curriculum & courses, with corresponding online Designers Manual, that you can enjoy today in this new iPDC Network.

He is now a full time professional groups facilitator so although you will be able to enjoy his sunny, wise & enlightening presence in nearly all of the recorded classes, he will not be mentoring people online. 

César is a person of great integrity, intelligence & sense of humor who is also an interesting mix of great perspicacity, sweetness & calm wisdom. 

As a 'natural permaculture designer', accomplished carpenter & eco-builder who is also passionate about the complexities of group processes, he naturally applied his great creativity & observation abilities as a facilitator / designer in keeping the Academy team balanced & on track for many years.

He is a great permaculture teacher not only because he is first & foremost a social activist & on-the-ground practitioner, but also because he is able to transmit his deep understanding of the science of permaculture in easy, colourful ways. 

Pepa Rodríguez

Support & Mentoring for Facilitators & Students
Languages: native Spanish & Laughter

Pepa has an agricultural engineering degree and is currently a diploma student with the Integral Permaculture Academy.

She has been instrumental in birthing the many creative projects of the Academy since she joined us in 2010 and is a very valued member of the team because of her creativity, deep wisdom, great integrity, passion for design & social justice, not to mention her irreverent sense of humor and very contagious laughter.

Pepa also works as a lab technician & shop steward, & is the mother of two teenage daughters with whom she says "I try to practice creating a new social paradigm, on a daily basis".  

At local level she is involved in various permaculture activities: setting up gardening projects in schools, participating in the complementary currency project in her area and she is a founder member of El Jannat, a community farm & permaculture teaching project which is also part of this network.  

She is working on designs to increase inclusion & collective intelligence in the permacuture as well as the complementary currencies networks in Spain, with a special interest in figuring out ways of collaborating more effectively across many similar groups & movements.

Jose Zamora

IT Support & Mentoring for Facilitators & Students
Languages: fluent English, Spanish & conversational Japanese

Jose is another one of the jewels of creativity, intelligence, passion for justice and integral design + many other talents that joined us in 2010 & enthusiastically participated in working on most of the innovations in permaculture education created by the Academy team, which you can now enjoy.  And he did this whilst very skillfully & patiently managing most of the administration & IT support for the team.

Born in Cuba in 1992, he lived there long enough to be deeply influenced by the rural extended family environment, before being taken at age 6 to live in the middle of a typical big city in Tenerife, as his family returned to their Canarian origins.   There he assiduously studied all he could about natural systems in order "to try to keep sane", apart from learning about many other things, like speaking Japanese.

Jose was 18 when he started studying integral permaculture with the Integral Permaculture Academy, whilst finishing his degree in Computer Systems Engineering - which he achieved with suma cum laude + cash prizes in each year for being one of the top students in the Canary Islands, despite realizing early on he could never do the kind of dehumanizing work this line of study usually resulted in.

So at 19 he became the youngest investor & founder member of the 8thLife Ecovillage project where he is now the 'resident health guru' (having had to action-learn a lot about health whilst curing himself from some typical 'chronic diseases of civilization') & also great experimental cook (you can see one of his delicious gluten-free pizzas in the picture).   Did we mention he's an artist too?

In the eco-village he is mainly in charge of designing & maintaining the animal systems because he is passionate about regenerating the soil & landscape (and producing abundance for all forms of Life) through integrating all kinds of animals (sheep, chickens, guineapigs, fish, bees...) into the ecosystem.

Istvan Schmidt

Facilitator in Eger, Hungary
Languages: fluent Hungarian and English

Istvan has been studying with the Integral Permaculture Academy since 2012. 
Originally a statistician & mathematician, he later trained in IT  & was a programmer & website design.

Currently he works full time as a systems manager, lives with his 3 children and wife and  
takes care of some lands in the outer edge of his town where he has gardens, trees, beehives & horses.

He also does English-Hungarian translations  and is particularly passionate about forests and the managemente of soil and water in landscapes, as well as growing mushrooms, vegetable gardens and beekeeping.   

He has also experience with building, carpentry and working with concrete structures.

Rebecca Reiber

Facilitator in Antón, Panamá
Languages: fluent English & Spanish

Rebecca is a Diploma student with the Integral Permaculture Academy, developing
an Ecological Inn + future EcoVillage project in Antón, Panamá,  which she has been designing since she moved to Panama from the USA in 2005.

Whilst raising a young family, Rebecca was an organizational development consultant, working mainly with NGOs & micro and small businesses, after a 12-year career in international business (import/export).

Her work evolved from Organizational Development to Community Development, she did a Master's degree in Sustainable Development, Community Development & Training for Social Action, and post-graduate studies in Sociocultural Anthropology in latin America.

Maja Borkowska

Facilitator in the 8thLife Project, Canary Islands 
Languages: native Polish, English & some Spanish

Maja has successfully completed a year-long internship program at 8thLife, and worked as the Volunteer Coordinator since 2016, after taking on the lead for the PeDreTea project.

Maja has a Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture, has spent years learning about aquaponics and working as a gardener, did her first PDC in 2015, and has been studying and practising Integral Permaculture since 2016, focusing on research about Holistic Grazing and its applications.

Maja is also a very gifted graphic artist, and did plenty of illustrations to promote the PeDreTea project and start a crowdfunding campaign to support her own participation in it.

In the eco-village we are really grateful for her great intelligence, clarity of thought, firm integrity and passion for justice.   We have also had lots of fun together with her enthusiasm, creativity and artistic skills, and she is doing a wonderful job as our Animal Systems Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator, thanks to which we are working much faster at building the soils & improving the infrastructures of the EcoVillage project.

Esther Guerrero

Facilitator in Cortijo Los Baños Al-Haman, Almería, Spain 
Languages: native Spanish & some English

Esther has been actively involved with the Integral Permaculture Academy since 2008 after graduating in Environmental Sciences (she discovered that permaculture was a lot more interesting & useful when she did her first PDC with us).

This opened for her "a magical window which got me closer to my own way of seeing the world", and she helped out on two more PDC courses with the Academy as an apprentice teacher.

In 2010 she participated in the Action-Learning program in Finca Luna (the current site of the 8thLife EcoVillage) in La Palma which meant a quantum leap in her awakening & evolution.

She decided to start her Permaculture Diploma process, and has been working
at an established eco-project in Almería since 2010
the Cortijo Los Baños Al-Haman, living in a community of 15-20 people. 

The Cortijo is an educational farm, where courses & meetings are held, & large groups are catered for, and she has been volunteer coordinator there for several years, and is now in charge of food-growing.   

She has facilitated some EcoEscucha (eco-counseling) courses in her community with the help of the Academy in the past, and is now looking forward to finally being able to bring the full iPDC to her colleagues and volunteer workers, whilst she keeps practicing how to faciltate groups better, another of her passions.

Lou Dudley

Facilitator in Exeter, Devon, England
Languages: native English & some Spanish

Lou has been studying with the Integral Permaculture Academy since 2013.

She's an activist working with Deep Green Resistance and a single mother of a 6 years old who currently works delivering local produce and selling it throughout her town - she's always been passionate about food, where it comes from and ... mostly eating it, she says.

When she was younger she traveled around Europe and further afield and volunteered doing WOOFing, and in the process she was exposed to bio-dynamics (and all that comes with it), and also lived on remote islands around the UK with a marine biologist partner.

After returning to her native Devon, Lou co-founded & coordinated for many years a Steiner kindergarten based in the woods of North Devon with a group of friends in order to provide better education for their children.    It is a truly out-doors resource for young people with a 15ft yurt that's off-grid apart from water.  She's very passionate about this work "because it all begins with children".