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There are many pioneers, activists, thinkers, writers, leaders, teachers & masters included in the Integral Permaculture curriculum, because they each have brought something unique and important for our understanding as permaculture designers & it is our job to know our history so as to skillfully integrate the best action-learning to date.   Each photo is linked to a profile in the Integral Permaculture Designers Manual, "e-book" for short, that is the base of the curriculum we teach in this iPDC.   Please note that, being integrals, they're mostly un-categorizable, but they are listed here within the Modules of the iPDC.
Dana Meadows
The Mother of Integral Permaculture
Howard T. Odum
The Father of Integral Permaculture
Wangari Maathai
Green Belt Founder
Allan Savory
Holistic Management



    Module 1

People Care
Scott Peck
Community Successions
Margaret Wheatley
Systems Thinker
Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo
Mayor of Marinaleda
Edward de Bono
Thinking Tools
Byron Katie
Thinking Tools
Jean Fraçois Noubel
Collective Intelligence
Helena Norberg Hodge
Development Activist

Harvey Jackins

Re-evaluation Counseling
Maria Montessori
Pioneering Educator
Iván Illich
Radical Educator
Jean Liedloff
The Continuum Concept
John Tailor Gatto
Radical Educator


   Module 2


Barbara Marx Hubbard


David Holmgren

Elisabet Sahtouris
Evolutionary Biologist
Willie Smits
Forester & Entrepreneur
Jane McGonigal
Game Designer

Bill Mollison

Daniel Quinn


Anita Saarkesian

Noam Chomsky


Máximo Sandín


Module 3

Earth Care
Elaine Ingham
Soil Food Web Scientist


   Masanobu Fukuoka
Lierre Keith
Radical Environmentalist

Vandana Shiva
environmental activist and
 eco feminist
Emilia Hazelip
Synergistic Method
Gilles Lemieux
Pedogenesis Pioneer
Derrick Jensen
Radical Environmentalist
Joel Salatin
Regeneration Pioneer


Paul Stamets
mycologist,author and bioremediation


 Module 4

Energy &











  Module 5

Margrit Kennedy




Dee Hock



Gene Sharp

Arundhati Roy