This course is so important and effective for changing people's lives and communities, that we offer it in several flexible formats, in order to make it possible for anyone to participate:


You can combine these: 

 Options TimeTables

(choose a Project)

B) Stay at Home

1) 15 day intensive


2) 8 weekends


3) in your own time

A1 (Residential 15 day intensive), 
B2 (Stay at Home, 8 weekends), 


A) Residential Option for those who can & wish to take the course in a permaculture project: note that projects will be starting up progressively during 2015, so choose the site nearest to you from the Projects list.     Check the dates & get in touch with the local Facilitator if you'd like to ask any questions pertaining to the residency.

B) Stay at Home Option for those who can't travel or prefer to do the practical aspects of the course on their own home or project, but would still like the benefits of a wider community of permaculture colleagues to call on.


Both A & B options can be combined with different TimeTables:

1) A 15 day intensive version of the course - if you can take this time as a holiday to combine it with a visit to a permaculture project, or take that time out at home to give yourself a 'total immersion' experience in permaculture, whilst meeting other people online doing the same course, at the same time, all over the world.

2) Over 8 weekends, also either at home or whilst visiting the nearest permaculture project to you in our network.   This version is more doable for people who work full time or prefer taking more time to absorb the contents of the course & notice how you can apply them to your life during the week. 

Note that the various projects will decide for themselves which of these two versions (15 days or 8 weeks) to offer locally, and when, but they will mostly be influenced by the demand, so let us know your preferences.    

And of course we will continue to offer this even more flexible version, which you can even take to the project of your choice, if you wish:

3) In your own time, connecting online with our existing international action-learning community, whilst you take the classes whenever you wish & figure out how to apply what you learn in your own home, family & community.  

We've offered this totally asinchronic version of the PDC (up to Diploma level) for over 4 years now and it works very well for those who don't wish to travel &/or are already committed to a local project they want to design better & with more support.