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EcoVilla Astoria (Antón, Panama)

Rebecca Reiber -- Rebecca (at) VillaAstoria (dot) org

English, Spanish, and Portuguese, a bit of French & German, a tad of Russian and just a smidge of Vietnamese

About us

Astoria is located in a small town in rural Panama.  The idea behind setting up this guest house is to provide an increasingly sustainable alternative income stream that will enable the owner (that's me - Rebecca) to gradually reduce the hours on my "day job" and focus more time an energy on an eco-village project that's been in the making for a number of years. 

The Networked iPDC

At the same time, Astoria provides a perfect venue for holding Networked iPDC courses.
 A student of Permaculture with The Integral Permaculture Academy, I believe that a sound foundation in the ethics, values, principles and design techniques taught during the iPDC course is necessary for positive changemakers. 

Changemakers come in all shapes and sizes and with many agendas. The study of Permaculture -- and the application of its principles and values can be used to help align these positive and transformative efforts.  By living the ethics, demonstrating the values and principles and using the design techniques, together we can design the world we want to live in.



We aim to offer the 15-day intensive  iPDC at Villa Astoria from
15 - 30 April, 2016

The cost of the iPDC is EUR241. 

The cost of lodging at Villa Astoria for 16 days depends upon the accommodations you choose. We are set-up as a guest house -- 6 of our rooms have en-suite bathrooms and courtyard views while 3 are off the side hallway in the main villa and share a single bathroom.  We have common living and dining areas, covered terraces, and gardens.  The kitchen is fully equipped for use by guests.  All rooms have double beds, shared rooms have two double beds. 

Private room with private bath: USD500

Private room with shared bath: USD400

Shared room with private bath: USD300

The above prices assume 1 person per bed -- if you plan to attend as a couple and share a private room (or even share one of the beds in a shared room), the cost for the 2nd person is USD80. 

These prices include sheets & towels.  Since they are discounted prices, we ask that you keep your room clean and take care of your laundry. 

Meals are not included in the above.  Once we know how many people are attending, together we'll establish a reasonable amount per person as a meal fee.  We plan for meals to be cooked and eaten as a group during the course.