Any well-designed chaordic network is based on clearly stated values, and these are ours:

The Ethics are at the heart of the holistic science of Integral Permaculture that we use, & they unite us to:

  • Care for the Planet (all species of the planet)
  • Care for People (the real needs of all humans, of all cultures)
  • Care for the Future (take responsibility for our actions, to preserve all Life on Earth)

Everything we design, teach and do is done to serve these ethics, & the Network was created to encourage more cooperation in serving them increasingly better.

We called our cooperative an 'EcoEscuelas (EcoSchools) Network' because we see as our main challenge now, as civilized human beings, to profoundly change our collective world-view & way of living, 

from the paradigm of Ego (that we learn - not intentionally but very effectively in the ego-schools that surround us) that position us as dominators & explotators of the Earth, 

to the Eco paradigm, which comes from the greek οίκος (ikos), which means house, home: which positions us as carers and cooperators on Gaia (the planet, together with all the other species & complex self-regulation systems it contains). 

This mind & culture change can be accelerated with good teaching and good example, but especially requires a community that keeps us accountable, that supports us in living our consciously chosen values (not the unconsciously implanted ones), that reminds us how & when we do our own versions of 'ego v. eco' (we all have them!), and which very lovingly encourages us in learning from our mistakes.

It is very urgent that we learn to live fully as Ecoists instead of egoists, now more than ever.   Because it is precisely the dominant 'me, me, me' mentality & culture which has brought us the social, environmental, economic & also psychological crisis which surround us today.   

We have been taught (by publicity, TV, school, & in general simply by living in the DestructoCulture all of our lives ...) to -   

  • think only about what concerns us personally (me & mine), and therefore in doing what is easiest, most comfortable or egoistic, driven by a huge ignorance of how our society works, the economy, or including of the existence of other types of societies, and economies, without mentioning the workings & needs of other species, or such basic & vital things like the biology of soil, to which we owe all of our existence ... 
instead of 
  • thinking about what concerns us globally  (us as in all people and all species), & therefore to do what is most fair, intelligent & productive, even if it's more difficult, at least to start with. 

  • Because in the long term it so happens that it's a lot easier to live in harmony with Nature, & it is a lot more pleasant & productive to be in peace than in war with other species, as well as at constant war and competition (in the battle for resources that our exploitative economy traps us into) with other human cultures.

We need a clear & shared map of values in order to guide us in our path to exit the DestructoCulture*, as people, as families, as communities, as a culture & entire society.

* (or DC, what we call the current dominant system, the opposite of a PermaCulture, or PC)

Right at the beginning of each basic integral permaculture course each student expresses their creativity in creating their own version of this 'permaculture tree', which is basically a mind-map which summarizes the Ethics, Directives & Principles - the roots, trunk and branches are respectively the actitudinal, ecological & design principles - which guide us.    

The Ethics are the seed from which all of this tree germinates. 
The tap root is Observation: deep, thorough and protracted observation as an actitudinal principle.

----- to be continued  -----

How Things Change

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We are writing this article little by little between all of us in the Network ... 

... so please do come back to see later if you want to know more about how we envisage the values of the EcoEscuelas Network. 

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